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We care for them even when their time has passed

We are the first UK based end-of-life boat disposal and recycling centre, giving the boats the treatment our planet deserves. We remove all reusable bits, clean dangerous substances off, cut and compact hulls to provide cleaner fuel for Waste-to-Energy facilities. But before actual boat disposal we always try to find a new home for those boats that can still sail. 

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What we do

We dispose of your boat in the greenest and most cost efficient way possible. Our team removes end-of-life and decommissioned sailing yachts, motorboats and dinghies from your property for recycling and nature-friendly disposal of parts and bits. 

We undertake the whole recycling cycle including the removal and transport of boats to our main yard near Tavistock. Alternatively, you can deliver your boat to us for disposal, and we take care of the rest.

For more information visit Responsible Boat Disposal

Boat disposal instead of repairs

Taking your burden

As time proceeds the moment comes when a pleasure boat is not anymore about pleasure but continuous repair and maintenance - boat disposal is the way forward.

This is when a responsible solution must be found to take care of the after life of a sailing or motor boat made of fibreglass.

We provide a 'zero-to-landfill' way of treating GRP vessels when the end comes - either by finding a new keen owner, or by disposing of a boat. 

Waste-to-Energy boat disposal

No Landfilling

Fibreglass is strong and durable, does not rot or decompose. That is why it is so good for boats, and so terrible for nature.

If landfilled or dumped at sea it will stay for ages, gradually cracking into smaller pieces of microplastic, polluting the ground and the water.

We propose an alternative for boat disposal - a technologically involved incineration process which extract green energy from otherwise harmful waste materials. 

Selling bits of disposed boats

Reclaiming and Reusing

While the GRP hulls and decks are gone to produce green energy, all the potentially useful bits and pieces are removed from the boats and reused.

Engines and sails, spars and winches can be used in restoration and upgrade projects. We sell them online and on boat jumbles.

Sometimes the boats can still sail. Instead of boat disposal we find then a new loving home for such boats.

Our Customers

We are happy to work both with private individuals, and big corporate customers, among the latter are such companies as 

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